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Light, Fast  & Easy to travel with:
One of the very lightest full-distance triathlon frames on the market today; our Katana is the perfect weapon for the athlete that wants an all-around race frame to tackle all types of courses even the hilliest ones. Ceepo forward geometry allows aggressive positioning and safe handling. Perfect choice for the athlete that likes simple and easy to travel with bikes.

Our geometry is designed for long-distance triathlon where a stable ride translates to better bike split as athletes feel safe to stay in aero position longer and more often. Katana’s non-UCI design is 100% dedicated to the sport of triathlon.

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All CEEPO frames are guaranteed for 3 years against manufacturing defects. 
Frames designed by CEEPO are built for a specific purpose and are guaranteed for that purpose only. Our warranty is your protection against manufacturing defects. However, damage or degradation due to use in abusive, improper maintenance and accidents are not covered by the warranty.

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